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Originally Posted by liuyanghejerry
This is very interesting.
But this inspire me that why don't we try to reuse select,R,L?
In FR,RL goes to a helpless help and in RSE, it's totally no use...
Maybe we could create codes like what B and select does,and make R,L new use in OW.
Maybe press R to fish?
I think he wants to extend the routine to add in extra stuff for keypresses.

For people interested in having the Running Shoes hack on Ruby, you're in for some good news I've come up with my own hack for Ruby since I don't think the same way works, AFAIK. Anyways, let's get down to business.. My hack revolves around Map Type byte. There are a lot of routines reading that and one of them checks if the Map type is indoors, if it is then you 'Can't Run' otherwise you can.

080e5dfc  4802 ldr r0, [$080e5e08] (=$0202e828) @ Map Type Flag is stored here
080e5dfe  7dc0 ldrb r0, [r0, #0x17]
080e5e00  2808 cmp r0, #0x8 @ Indoor Map Type
080e5e02  d103 bne $080e5e0c
080e5e04  2001 mov r0, #0x1
080e5e06  e002 b $080e5e0e
What we are gonna do is change that 08 to 00, since no Map uses 00 anyway as far as it matters just change it to any other value that doesn't involve Maps that you can run on. So, to apply this hack simply put 00 at 0xE5E00.

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