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    Originally Posted by Ash493 View Post
    Which patch had you used?
    It might be because of patch... but first try to open your ROM with RHEA to see if that ROM is protected from being edited.
    Nothing wrong there, but the ROM seems to actually be missing certain files in INI, making it unhackable. I could list these files if someone tells me it would help. Again, thank you all.

    EDIT: Here are the files missing- MapBankHeader, AnbindungsListe, WildePokemon, FlugPosHeader, Error (1): Try to read at Pos 0! Please contakt [email protected], Error (5): The value at $000000 is not a pointer!, NamenHeader, PokemonNamen, ItemHeader, SpriteHeader, SpritePaletten, SpritePalHeader, SpezialPalHeader, GeheimBaseZuordnung.

    Then it asks:
    "No map header entry for current ROM found.
    Are all INI-files in the INI-folder.
    Your ROM is possibly corrupted. To verify this, test with ROM of the same version.
    Please do give feedback if none of these errors ocurred."

    The ROM may be corrupt, but two other different ROMs have the same issue. So, here's pretty much everything. (I use Lunar IPS patching btw, if it matters. @Ash493)
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