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Originally Posted by Coolboyman View Post
Just to let you all know, someone finally sent me a sav file where they got frozen on the healing pad in Haunted Forest (since it only happened to certain people for some reason), therefore I'm finally able to see what's wrong and fix it. I'm working on a patch that will fix that problem, and fix a few other things (Such as some of the pokemon you meet in the beginning not learning moves until level 20 or so.) So expect an update for Brown this week.
It's good that you're fixing the heal pad! :D I just started playing Borwn again and when I was in the Haunted Forest, it annoyed me that I couldn't heal. >_< Additionally, is Shadow Ball meant to be a Dark type move? Because, if I remember correctly, in the games it's ghost. Sorry if this is intentional.

Finally, I am really glad Brown is getting updated! :D I think it is a really great ROM hack and I always find myself playing it over and over again! xD Completed it 2 or 3 times now, I lost count. xD