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    Pokémon Jade Version
    ~Made With Pokemon Essentials

    Melody and Connor, the Protagonists

    Welcome to the temperate, verdant Mihdo Region, the setting of the game Pokémon Jade. Here you will receive your first Pokémon, and take part in a fantastic adventure to further Pokémon research. However, Team Rocket, as well as a new organized syndicate, has sinister plans of their own, often getting the way of your research. On the way you’ll meet friends and rivals, and countless new Pokémon!


    Your journey begins in the small town of Rosette at the tip of a peninsula in Mihdo. You have been helping out intermittently for Professor Daisy, but today, she asks of you a serious task. News of Team Rocket wreaking havoc in other areas of Mihdo has her worried about the welfare of her laboratory, and she sends you off on some errands so she can secure it.

    In the next city over, Valerian, you’ll accomplish that and something else. You’ll run into a Team Rocket grunt, and will have to face off in front of the Valerian’s citizens, including visiting interviewers Gabby and Ty. With the battle won, you’ll have news of your novice potential all over the region.

    Then you are asked by Daisy to do some field work, since one of the errands was fetching her first shipment of Pokédexes ever. She sends you off, reminding you that badges are mandatory for you to progress to harder-to-reach areas that have rarer Pokémon. And that is how you manage to kick off your journey in Mihdo.


    Here are the starters for the Mihdo Region:

    Bunettle, Elephire, and Dulswan


    This is the In-Game, Pre-E4 Map. Once you beat the E4, you'll be able to travel to new sub-regions and extra areas of Mihdo will be avalible to you!

    New Regions (Mihdo, as well as other sub-regions that are unlocked throughout the game)

    107 New Pokémon

    The New Rivals!

    New Gym Leaders and E4 (Gym Leaders are more inaccessible; often they
    will be out of their Gym when you visit their town or city)

    A New Legend, Arkaos, the opposite of Arceus

    Cameos, Including Main Characters



    Incognito322 [Me]: Mapping, Spriting, Eventing, Coordinating
    Kirbychu: Fakemon Spriting
    Clasko: Trainer OW spriting

    Team Members Needed:

    Music Composer

    Post here or private message me to apply


    Poccil-Pokémon Essentials Starter Kit
    Any one of you for your support!
    Crazyninjaguy: Custom Scripts


    Show your support for Pokémon Jade with these banners!

    Male and Female Hero Style. The blue and purple coloring of the outfits is actually red during gameplay.

    This banner is the basic hero/heroine/starters banner

    And below are banners based on towns/cities in the game: