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    *hopefully, this doesn't count as necroposting*

    Thanks for the support, you two.

    Very Slight "What's Going On?" Update
    Sorry for the lack of updates, guys. Schoolwork, my YGO-related stuff, and college life have kinda distracted me from working on the Trick House like I wanted to. I've also been waiting for Shadow Pingu to send me the CBS thing to work on implementing it, but he hasn't returned my IM, and I haven't had a chance to talk to him in the last few weeks. I probably won't get back around to the Trick House until sometime next week or the week after, but I will try to get in touch with Pingu soon. I don't plan on quitting this game at all, but things will probably be worked on a bit at a time until Summer Break kicks in in about 3 months or so.
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