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    Originally Posted by KajiVenator View Post
    You're right, there is a lot of crap in there. Not that the pack is bad of course, I just found all the battle 2nd frame pokemon png files I needed. But if you want a newbie to use this, you'd better organize them into a more legible way. Rather than their names be gibberish (ex. zo80ft.png), why not organize them into folders similar to the way I do it: One for 2nd gen, one for 3rd gen, one for 4th gen, one for music, one for battler frames, etc.

    I'm gonna have to do it for myself anyways but maybe you could trim the fat off this bad boy, for the newbies, ya know?

    Oh and maybe recolor those kyledove tiles. They're all too grey to me.

    Also, there is some stuff you're missing for TSR. All the pokemon following picutres etc. You should know what you're missing.

    Oh, and compile a readme so people can credit who they got the tiles, etc. from.
    If i get free time i'll break it down... and reupload smaller downloads...

    Mot of the credits are there, and the way the folder is is the way my folder is, i know exactly where everything is without any effort...