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    Welcome to the Bleach Fan Club! This is a place where fans can get together and talk all about Bleach.
    You can share and discuss just about anything...anime/manga, gear and collectibles, cosplay, or fan fictions and fanart.
    So why don't you come and stay a while and we'll have some tea or sake.

    The series Bleach follows the story of a relatively average high school boy name Ichigo Kurosaki. I say relatively because he is able see the "souls of the dearly departed". One evening, Ichigo has a fated encounter with a mysterious girl named Rukia, who is in fact a Soul Reaper. To protect humans and help Rukia, Ichigo gains the powers of a Soul Reaper and is tasked with guiding departed souls to the afterlife and purifying hollows; spirits that have remained on earth too long and have become corrupted.


    1. All PC forum rules apply here.
    2. Please no bashing, flamming, and/or trolling of other club members or characters.
    3. If you have a problem with another member, please take it up in PMs first. If it still can't be resolved, PM me. I prefer not to get mods involved if possible.
    4. As a courtesy to other forum and club members, try to use spoiler tags on anything not already in the USA.
    5. No hentai/porn material.
    6. To join, please post "Keiri" somewhere in your post to prove you read the rules. maybe in some kind of ditty


    Alright, so here is the members list. When you first join you will be assigned to the rank of Whole.
    As a Whole you will be able to discuss topics in the club, post fanart or fan fiction, and even post you own zanpakuto.
    After you have proven that you know how to follow the rules and are relatively active, then you can ask to join a squad.
    It is up to the captain (or the highest ranking member) whether or not to accept you into their squad.
    After me, captains are the highest ranking members of the club.
    Each captain will be in-charge of their squad's page and the information on it.

    13 Court Guard Squads


    You will be able to create a profile to describe you own zanpkauto. But there are a few rules to follow.
    1. Do not plagiarize any canon zanpakuto.
    2. Please no all powerful zanpakuto, a little over powered is fine. We don't want any Aizens, do we?
    3. You need to use the form below to submit your zanpakuto.
    4. To change your zanpakuto, you must info me and/or your captain before hand to get our approval.

    Here is where we display the various kind of fan art made by club members.

    And here is where you can find links to club members fan fiction pages in the club.

    All the other Bleach related projects that are finished or in-progress.