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    Squad Membership Guidelines
    You must be active and respectful to others.
    Only say nice things about my Fedora hat, or else.
    Any kind of zanpakuto are welcome.
    That's about it.

    Squad Rankings
    Captain - Zameric (shikai/bankai)
    Lieutenant -
    3rd Seat -
    4th Seat -
    5th Seat -

    Artwork.. of Innocence
    (links coming soon)

    Fan Fictions.. of Truth
    (links coming soon)

    Fanfic Profiles
    (links coming soon)

    Recruitment Survey
    1. What kind of individuals are you seeking?
    Responsible people who won't get behind on their paper work.

    2. How would you describe the atmosphere around your division?
    Calm and serious yet fun too. Really enjoyable.

    3. What do you require of new recruits?
    Try to be respectful or at least tolerate of your peers.

    4. Some words for the shinigami recruits.
    Welcome to Squad 1! Set a good example for the other squads. And try not to die. ;p

    Battle Stats

    Those who were not truthful or innocent...
    (former members)