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    Here is my zanpakuto...

    Zanpakuto Name; Keiri (Executioner)
    Type; Melee/Kido (shikai) ; Melee/Kido (bankai)

    Zanpakuto Spirit; A muscular man (like Tessai) that stands about 6ft(1.83m) tall. He wears a cloak similar to Zangetsu’s, with a large black hood that shades the top half of his face. When highly emotional, his silver eyes glow through the darkness. He likes to cast judgment on whether a new opponent might be strong or not based on their initial looks. Keiri is merciless towards enemies and will not hold back. He can be stubborn sometimes, but we get along pretty well and understand each other.

    Release Command; Koku kara Dageki (Strike from nothing)

    Shikai Details; Keiri’s sealed form is just a normal katana with a double axe head shaped tsuba and a silver hilt. The zanpakuto keeps this same appearance through the shikai and bankai forms.

    While giving the release command, I throw my sword to my side. It disappears into another dimension (like Byakuya’s when he uses Senbonzakura Kageyoshi) and then blades can appear from the other dimension on my mental command. There is a dimensional rift similar to rings in a pond when they appear from the other dimension. I can make limitless blades appear at once.
    Special Abilities:Some of my shikai's abilities are to make blades appear from parts of my body (e.g. arm, hand, foot), arrange blades in various patterns for defense, and to appear and strike from any distance within sight range.
    • Ameshini (Death Rain); Thousands of blades appear in the sky and then I rain them down on my opponents. Usually used for large groups on enemies.
    • Koutate (Steel Shield); I arrange blades into an over-lapping circle pattern for blocking attacks. I can make the shield as big as needed by varying the amount of blades I use. This is the strongest defense form of my shikai.
    • Senken, Tetsu no Shoujo (Thousand Swords, Iron Maiden); I completely surround my enemy with blades and then strike with them all at once.
    A master of Flash Step or Sonido could outrun my blades for a little while. Several hours of continuous use can be very taxing.

    Bankai Name; Ijigen no Keiri (Executioner from another dimension)

    Bankai Details; Ijigen no Keiri creates another dimension around the user and any opponents the user wants. The dimension appears as a metallic silver sphere from the outside. Opponents cannot use their limb, as if they were bound with Kidō. Inside the dimension, the user takes on an appearance similar to Keiri and is able to perform one several styles of execution on each opponent.

    Shimekorosu (Strangle to Death): The blade of the zanpakuto can transform into a rope like substance to strangulate or stretch opponents.
    Sashikorosu (Stab to Death): My zanpakuto transforms into a naginata, used to impale opponents and cause death by bleeding and organ failure.
    Yakikorosu (Burn to Death): A fire, similar Hadou #54, erupts from the blade to incinerate the opponent.
    Bukkorosu (Beat/Pummel to Death): The blade transforms into small spheres, about the size of a baseball to stone the opponent.
    Oshikorosu (Crush to Death): The blade transforms into a large block of metal, about the size of a van, to press the opponent.
    Kirihanasu (Decapitate): My zanpakuto will transform into a giant guillotine blade for beheading the opponent.

    A drawback of the bankai is that it uses a lot of energy, regardless the number of opponents. Bankai usually is not preformed twice within a day. I also try to use only one execution style per opponent, since using more would significantly drain me. Mentally controlled zanpakuto are still accessible, but very limited in power. A massive release of spiritual pressure could destabilize my bankai, but it would take amounts on par with Kenpachi Zaraki or Head-Captain Yamamoto.

    Anything Else; Here's a picture of the general shape of the tsuba I made in Paint. This is the shape of the tsuba through all stages.