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    Originally Posted by Sydian View Post
    But that puny little sprout can beat Magikarp. It has a much better moveset.
    Bounce and higher base speed. I win.

    The weakest Pokemon has to be Caterpie. It has Tackle and String Shot. Even Weedle is better and can Poison opponents.
    Can Weedle Snore? Didn't think so. And Caterpie has higher base stats and Bug Bite as well.

    As for strongest, we all know Smeargle is the best. Okay, I'm totally going by looks and awesomeness for that. I don't really have an opinion on the strongest Pokemon because I think all of them have a potential, even the little Caterpie I just criticized.
    No, not everything has potential.

    Kyogre is the best by far. Water Spout + Thunder + Ice Beam + Surf = you scrambling to find something to beat it.

    Unown is the worst. Yeah, it can kill things with special hidden powers, but... that's it. (IE Salamence dies to 2 Specs'd HP Ices, but I have no idea how to survive 1 attack.) It has no survivability, 1 attack (Well, that narrows the items down to 2!), and cannot evolve into something much better. Heck, even it's name says it: It's UN-OWN. The oposite of owning.
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