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    My Zanpakutou:

    Zanpaktou Name; Kagirinai-Kuuhaku (Eternal Void)

    Type; Space-time

    Zanpakutou spirit; A wise panda with a robotic right arm, a beard, a necklace made of skulls, and a walking cane. Kagirinai-Kuuhaku talks entirely in proverbs.

    Release Command; Eien no kutsuu o chinmoku sa se nasai! (Silence the eternal pain!)

    Shikai Details; After calling the release command, peoples’ visions of my zanpakutou become blurry. When their vision clears up, people can see 2 scythes instead of one: Ebony and Ivory. The handles are about as long as my arm and the curved blades are about as long as my forearm. Ivory is pure white with Ebony being as black as charcoal.

    With Ebony, I can control space:
    When I cut an object, I can cause it to shrink or expand. However, the opposite happens to Ebony’s blade. If I make a person shrink, then Ebony increases in size, and vice versa (this allows me to use a shorter or longer blade, for close-range combat). Ebony does not cause the mass of an object to change, however. The size of the object returns to normal when I reseal my zanpakutou.

    Ivory has the ability to control time:

    When I cut an object, I can cause time to flow faster or slower for it. However, when I make time flow faster, Ivory’s blade becomes longer, and when time flows slower, Ivory’s blade becomes shorter (if I make time flow twice as fast, then Ivory gets twice as big, if the flows half as fast, Ivory becomes half the size). I cannot cause time to stop, however. Time flows normally for an object, when I reseal my zanpakutou.
    When an object is cut by both Ebony and Ivory, I can control mass. If I increase an objects size, and make time flows more slowly, then the mass increases. If I decrease the object's size, and cause time to flow faster, then their mass decreases.


    Bankai Name; Kagirinai-Kuuhaku (Eternal Void)

    Bankai Description; Ebony and Ivory completely change shape: they turn into armour that cover my arms and hands, one arm being black and the other being white (Ebony and Ivory). They meet at my back, and a pair of large wings sprout from my back; the arm that is covered in black armour has a white wing, and the arm that is covered in white armour has a black wing (sometimes my right arm is covered by Ebony, sometimes my left arm is, it depends on which way I am holding it when I go into Bankai).

    Bankai Abilities;

    My powers extend to whatever I touch, and not just what I cut, though everything that was under my control while I was in Shikai, I can still control while in Bankai.

    Ebony now also allows me to turn the air into very small items, like daggers (larger and more complicated objects, like a sword or a gun will take much longer). This works by converting the elements in the air into other elements, through fusion and fission. In theory, I can do this to any material, excluding zanpakutou and living creatures.
    Ivory also allows me to stop and reverse time. Depending on the size of the area, how quickly time is reversed for it, and how long I do it for, it can take either a lot or a little bit of reiatsu.

    Other notes;
    When I refer to an “object”, it is usually quite limited. If I were to cut someone’s shirt, then it would only affect their shirt. If I cut their finger, however, then it would be considered as their entire body, excluding their clothes or weapon. A zanpakutou must have some kind of visual damage for it to be affected; an actual scratch or chip would work (Kagirinai-Kuuhaku is very sharp). A light tap would not be counted.

    Also, the greater I vary an object from normal, the more Reiatsu is required. I normally would do smaller changes, and use Kidou for actual attacks. Sometimes, though, I know that I am forced to immediately make a big change and finish a fight early.

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