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    Originally Posted by Sosuke Aizen View Post
    I have box sets one and 3! They didn't have 2... =.=;
    Wahh I don't have any Bleach box sets. But I plan to get them all. XD When I get enough money that is. XD

    Hopefully I won't go overboard at AnimeNEXT 2010 with spending money. If I do then I won't get any more money for a while. XD (AN'10 is June 18-20, I'm going 19-20. Go to for details.)

    Are any of you by chance going? On Saturday I will be wearing my new Amulet Spade cosplay from Shugo Chara but on Sunday... *drumroll* I will be wearing my Momo Hinamori cosplay I got yesterday!!! Let me know if you wanna see some pictures.