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    Originally Posted by minchan View Post
    Are any of you by chance going? On Saturday I will be wearing my new Amulet Spade cosplay from Shugo Chara but on Sunday... *drumroll* I will be wearing my Momo Hinamori cosplay I got yesterday!!! Let me know if you wanna see some pictures.
    I think that would be great! As long as you are comfortable with it, I don't mind at all that you show your cosplay here. Idk if I would cosplay, if I could go actually end up to to an anime convention. I live kind of in the boondocks, so whenever there is an anime convention here in Arizona, I would probably have to drive around and an hour or more to get there. I'm gonna be working on my driving practice this summer so that I can just drive myself there. ;p

    Oh, there is a new Discussion of the Week topic up and I put a link on the firts post to your zan, Sousuke.