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Alright everyone here is my zanpakuto with a full fledge discription and picture. I hope he isnt overpowered D: but tell me what you guys think? Oh yeah and some things have sure maybe you guys can spot them xD

Zanpakuto Name: Kitsune na Hii (ファイアーキツネ) Firefox or Fox of Fire
Type Elemental; fire

Sealed Form Nothing special here. Just a short sword wrapped in orangish bandages as well as having a fire shaped hilt

Zanpakuto Spirit A young fox boy that could possible resemble a yokai. He is highly mischievious and like to burn away anything near his sight when bored. He also loves to play jokes and tricks on people. Aside from that, he is a rather friendly spirit and is willing to help his wielder during battle. Being young, his fire hasnt matured yet. Despite this, he is able to make his flames become blue when his full power is unleashed, a rare trait.

Release Command: Hi o Tsukemasu
(セット火) Set on Fire or Ignite
Shikai Details Nothing really big about the shikai. I looks almost like its sealed form except with a fox tail at the end of it. The sword now bursts with flames from the fire shaped hilt. The sword also turns a reddish-orange color during this form due to the massive amounts of fire flowing inside the sword. Oh...the ball at the end stores some hidden reserves of fire as Kitsune na Hii likes to conserve his energy in shikai form.
Flare Blade - used in close combat. the sword releases streams of fire with each slash

Inferno Blast- just a regular fireball, nothing else

Meteor Strike- The sword releases multifireballs that are shoot to the sky. They then home in on the foe.

Volcanic Stream- the sword is slashed through midair creating a stream of fire the

Ring of Fire- I rotate the sword counterclockwise making a ring of fire appear. The ring is then thrown at the enemy.

Bankai Name Mabushii Aoi Akaakatamoeru Kitsune na Hii (ラディアント青燃え上がる炎の狐) Radiant Blue Blazing Firefox I hope did the translation on this correctly :<

Bankai Details Bankai is not reccommended by Kitsune na Hii as it has very risky effects on both the spirit and myself. In this form, Kitsune na Hii' s rare blue flames are unleashed as he believes bankai means "Its time to end this." After I call bankai, the sword seperates into nine tails behind me and replaces itself with a new sword that contains gas inside. The tails are the main flow of fire into me and the fire is also used to mix with the gas inside the sword of the bankai to unleash devastating attacks. Swordplay isnt really technically necessary as well. Bankai allows me to shoot fire and make streams of fire. The tails also serve as a defense mechanism allow me to defend of attacks at the cost of losing at least 5 minutes of my time in bankai form. With that said, yes my bankai is limited for two reasons 1. Using the blue flames exact Kitsune na Hii rapidly so thats why its only reccommened to use bankai in dire situations 2. If i were allowed to stay in bankai, the power of the flames flowing through me for a long period of time could turn my body into ashes. A few cosmetic changes in this mode is i get fangs and a triangle like tatoo on the right side of my face. This tatoo is like my timer. It continually fades during the battel and once its completly gone, its back to the sealed form. If it does run out completly that means i cant use shikai or bankai for at least a week. Thats why Kitsune na Hii doesnt like using the full extent of his power.
Blazing Fire Burst- the weakest attack in this form. Nothing more than a ball of blue fire.

Nine Tailed Guard- i mentioned this one above n_n.

Radiant Fire Stream- i can do this with the sword or by simply throwing my hand as if i were throwing a bowling ball. The sword is a better choice as it adds more devestation.

Blue Flare Blade- an upgrade from Shikai form. Instead of orange fire the sword bursts with blue flames. Used in close combat.

Amaterasu- can only be done with the sword. This takes a while to pull off. I must pour flames from my body into my sword for at least 3 to 5 minutes so the gas can continually mix with the gas in order to build up. Once complete the sword will continually glow a dark blue until released. When its released a darker blue stream of fire is shot out as a blast. It seems rather harmless if you are hit with it but its really burning away the insides of the body. This halfs my time of the bankai cause burns to me as well. Its a risky move.

Ultimate Attack: Flashing Blue Fox Cannon- this is the ultimate attack of my bankai. At the cost of having my time completly depleted, holding off of shikai and bankai for at least 2 to 3 weeks, and minor burns, the tails behind me light up with bigger and brighter blue flames. The tails then spread out and each tail makes one fireball. The fireballs are then hooked to each other by a sort of flaming ring. I have to absorb this fire into the sword to mix with gas and then the attack is released as a bright flash of blue light charging rapidly towards the enemy. If contact is made the foe can turn to ashes completly and quickly. If the foe manages to survive major burn damage is taken from outside and inside to body.

Anything Else Kitsune na Hii has reddish orange hair, red eyes, and orange colored fur with a black tip at the end of his tail. Im pretty sure you cant miss the ears. My bankai design was inspired by one of my favorite pokemon Ninetails n_n as well as the mythological Kyuubi.

Now what have I missed :o?!
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