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Hey everyone. Time for an update? Sure, why not haha.
I'll try to update you guys whenever I make significant progress in either ideas, maps, or designs. Also, whenever new team members are added.

Updates for now:
-Seeing as I cant get any screens for you guys, the least I can do is show some maps right? So expect those to be updated, most likely on Saturday.

-A few new feature ideas that I'm working on. I'm VERY sure that they're all possible so far, and I hope and expect that you guys'll like 'em [or at least some of them haha.

-Good news on one front of progress: I'm done designing Badges. I'll be adding those as well.

-If you're wondering why I'm telling you that I have updates, instead of actually showing you, it's because my summer vacation doesn't start for two weeks, so I'm still kind of busy. But instead of letting the thread idle for weeks, I want to keep you guys updated on what I'm doing in my procrastination time. Once summer is started, expect updates a little more often, and expect them to be a little more telling than "I have a bunch of things to show you guys but I'm not gonna actually show you any of them cuz I don't have time...TEEHEE ." I haven't uploaded any images about the game here or to deviantart, but expect that to change soon enough, with updates going up on both sites. There are a few Fakemon designs on my deviantart account, so if you wanna see 'em, just go here: and look through my gallery to see my designs [some of them are kind of old and HAVE been revamped, but as I said, no time to upload because I'm a stickler for uploading when I have time to do things exactly right and leave out as little as possible. Also, I'm sans scanner, so using a camera phone to get the pics from paper to Photoshop is a bit frustrating too haha.]

That's about it for now. Can't wait to let you guys see the ideas I've got going. And don't forget, if you're a scripter or know a scripter who's currently free and will be able to help out with the project, don't hesitate to PM me and/or send them my way. Definitely gonna need the help in that area, especially now that I've got these new item and iPoke ideas...wait did I say iPoke? [like many other designers seem to have said lol]. Well ain't that just a little spoiler. But don't worry about the repition of the iPoke. I've got new app ideas that haven't been done yet. But until I can get the time to upload, I suppose you guys will just have to go off of what I said in this post. Later :].