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    That program sure is awsome (cant compile it xD)

    About the 3 questions, ive come with an answer for 2 of them(perhaps)

    1.Have you ever thinked in the structure of DMA (that thing that make dinamic offsets in RAM in FR/LF/EM)?Well, not quite, as R/S dont have this... i dont know the structure of DMA well, but i formuled an hypothesis...
    Well, imagine that there's a pointer to 020F000 (in RAM)... Now imagine that that offset has a pointer to another offset...
    I think its the same with ruby except for dynamic pointer...This was made to prevent hackers without using DMA...

    Now for secound question... YES, Mainly, it only uses ARM when really needed...(like in the rom header, to set rom starting position,and the starting rom being arm too...)

    Well thats all for now

    Hope it helped
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