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    Good news again: I've got time to do some updating today, so you guys won't have to wait to see EVERY idea/drawing/concept I've got in the works.

    Because I want that last post listing updates to be separate from the actual updates themselves, I'll post the updates in a second post:

    -First off, the badges are now complete:


    [Read from left to right:]

    Badge Name: Conduction Badge
    City: Meteora City
    Gym Leader: Maggie
    Gym Type: Steel/Electric

    Badge Name: Trap Badge
    City: Venuvita Grove
    Gym Leader: Florana
    Gym Type: Grass/Bug

    Badge Name: Shore Badge
    City: Bidip Town
    Gym Leader: Ryo
    Gym Type: Water/Ground

    Badge Name: Solid Badge
    City: Comet Cave
    Gym Leader: Krizsa
    Gym Type: Ice/Rock

    Badge Name: Peril Badge
    City: Lunavilla
    Gym Leader: Duncan
    Gym Type: Dark/Poison

    Badge Name: Sky Badge
    City: Stafall Village
    Gym Leader: Sora
    Gym Type: Flying/Dragon

    Badge Name: Mindseye Badge
    City: Gala City
    Gym Leader: Specter
    Gym Type: Ghost/Psychic

    Badge Name: Spirit Badge
    City: Solaclipse Peak
    Gym Leader: Blake
    Gym Type: Fire/Fighting

    I personally really like how they're designed :D *proud* haha.

    -Secondly, I had second thoughts about revealing the app ideas that I had. Not that I want to be selfish and not share my ideas, but I also don't want said ideas to be revealed where they can be potentially taken and used before my own game is even beta released. But I'll release the ideas for now, and hope that no one comes along and steals any of the more unique ideas:


    iPoke Apps:
    -PC Check: No withdrawal feature; stat checking only
    -DayCam: app from Daycare, similar to Poketch feature. Check up on Pokemon left in Daycare from wherever you may be.
    -Email checking: recieve eMail from certain trainers; similar to use of the cell phone feature in the GSC games
    -Phone: for those more old fashioned, non-email using contacts. call them in certain areas for tips on what to do in certain situations, ie explaining terrain, general description of types of Pokemon found there, secrets that may lie about
    -Ability Checker: LVL up, TM, and Move Tutor Move checker for current party Pokemon.
    -VS Seeker: gives time until ready for next battle
    -Games [idea pending. Maybe I'll have it, maybe not. If added to the game, it'll be one of the very last apps added, seeing as it's not very impotant at all. just an idea]
    -Camera Phone: different background for each area you can walk through. take pic of one of your Pokemon, you and one of your Pokemon, just you, or just the background. pics can be set as background for iPoke (possibly?)
    -Lantern: in place of STOOPID Flash =_= lol
    -Fame Checker: check W-L for both battles and contests. also check ribbons won and ribbons still left to win, as well as W-L's for specific battletower-like contests

    -Next, here's some maps. Any RSE-FRLG mixup's will be fixed in time, but please point them out if you see them because I have a hard time telling the difference when it comes to certain tiles:

    Solomon's Room [Where you start if you decide to be a boy]

    Lunara's Room [Where you start if you decide to be a girl]

    Oriobell Forest:
    [Up: Meteora City; Left: Venuvita Grove; Right: Bidip Town; Down: Norstar Town (Your Home Town). Yes, I've already fixed the exits to not be blocked by trees . And only Meteora and Norstar are accessible on your first run through Oriobell.]

    Bidip Town:

    Bidip Gym [Had some technical difficulties with the program used to capture my map images. That'll be fixed later. Some tiles that are actually specific for this gym need to be made anyway]:

    There are some other maps, but they aren't being released for a few different reasons. Some are just routes, Pokecenters, and Marts. Others have something I want to edit out or in. Things like that. You'll see 'em in due time haha.

    That's it for now. See ya next update.