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    Originally Posted by Pichuichu View Post
    I Came Up With The Ida For The Game I Am Mapping To And Helping Do The Plot Like I Said SYSTEM CRASH Plus i not that good at plotting.

    Please give me a break.
    firstly, i said you can take it or leave it. i was giving my point of view. you dont HAVE to listen to what i said.

    secondly, there isnt any idea yet, besides a generic story that can be Mad Libbed to fit most of the other Pokemon games Nintendo has already made. i asked about every part of your plot but you didnt ANSWER any of it. what does a system crash have to do with that? if you had the plot in the first place, you should still be able to answer any questions that are asked about it. im doing all of the the mapping for my game, which is why i can say thats not exactly a big deal, and youre getting HELP with the mapping. what are you gonna do when the mapping is done? because the mapping shouldnt take very long compared to the other parts of the game. its just about the easiest part of the process, ignoring the fact that having a good eye for aesthetics is necessary. if youre not good at plotting [yet say youre helping with the plot], you came up with the idea of the game [which is less detailed than it should be] and youre only doing PART of the mapping, theres not much that youre visibly doing. therefore, find something else to do, like come up with something to give the game its own personality, like some sort of new items that are actually useful or features that actually help the game.

    i cant give you a break when i havent given you anything all that challenging. i only gave my opinion of what you might want to think about, its up to you whether you want to actually take that opinion into consideration or not. stop saying SYSTEM CRASH every time i ask about something, because my entire game got erased and i started from scratch, so i can personally say a system crash is no excuse. okay, your system crashed. we get it. move on and rebuild from what you have, even if what you have is nothing.