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    Originally Posted by Delusions of Originality View Post
    Oh, I know you. Sort of. You run that fakemon club on dA I joined a while ago.

    The screenshots look pretty decent for this early point in development, but can I suggest resizing them before posting them? They stretch the screen and it's hard for viewers to take everything in at once.

    You've got some pretty cool fakemon overall; I'm looking forward to seeing what'll be in this game specifically.
    Thanks for your input, and thanks for telling me about the screenshot size issue too. My laptop has a pretty large sized screen so I didn't even realize it. I'll get around to fixing it eventually.


    Anyway, I figured I'd let those who are following this thread know what I've been doing, as I said in my previous update.

    As for what I'm currently working on, I'm mostly focusing on the Pokedex listing, the concept art and the plot. Seeing as i have Fakemon, I want to be sure to know the Dex entry for each, and to have a decent concept of their appearances and abilities. Also, i want to have a decent amount of official Pokemon in there too, so I have to focus on getting the Dex balanced in that area and decide which official Pokemon to include in this game. Any suggestions on HOW to decide which official Pokemon to include [not suggestions on WHAT to include] would be appreciated, although I have made sure to include a few staple Pokemon along with the previous forms of my own Fakemon and anything those previous forms can evolve into.

    As for the plot, the only part I really need to add, as opposed to editing, is the after-math plot, or more specifically put: the plot for the one legendary left to catch once you've dealt with Team Eclipse and the Nekoseimei. I've got that part of the plot pretty much written in my head, but I don't want to spoil it by just laying it out here. However, I'll just give you the vague hint that this last legendary sidequest is similar to a certain quest found in Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness. I don't know if any of you will actually guess which quest I'm referring to, but at least I gave you a hint ;P.

    In terms of concept art, I've got the main two heroes designed, and I've got some generator-made designs of the Gym Leaders and E4, but I don't want to post those until I draw them myself. Of course, if you guys actually want to see those rough drafts, I'd be glad to post them. Also, I'm working on concept art of that "Innovation to carrying Pokemon" that I mentioned earlier. I'm not sure how well it'll be accepted, but I'm personally a fan of the idea. I'll give a bit more detail about it once i get the art for it done.

    Finally, but certainly not least, I DESPERATELY need a scripter who knows their way around RMXP and Poccil's Starter Kit. The game won't make any progress without me being able to playtest it for errors, or without anyone to program in the features. So if you know of any scripters who could possibly help, let me know so I can contact them.