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    I have something that I've been trying to firgure out for a while.
    Would it be possible to implement something like in Diamond and Pearl? I'm not sure if Emerald has it too :/
    Well, what I'm talking about is the Pokedex. The Pokedex only updates once you've actually caught a Pokemon, however in D/P/PT once you see the Pokemon all the information is available. I want to see this in Fire Red as well. I'm pretty sure it's possible because when you talk to Prof. Oak through the PC in the PokeCenter, he is able to recall how many you've seen (in other words battled) and how many you've caught.

    So the bottom line is, can we make it so that once we battle (not necessarily catch) we recieve the information we would have recieved if we caught it like size, location ect.

    I hope that someone can help out .
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