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    I hope that the Ultimate Solo Challenge will still stand here.

    Johto Log 6

    I covered quite a bit of ground today. Two whole Gym Badges in one day. Quite the accomplishment in my book.

    From Ecruteak City, I headed east, only to find a Hiker who kindly gave me HM 04 after bumping into me as an apology. Nice guy. Johto is full of nice people, really. Except for that Danny. Anyhow, there was nothing else there other than a lake and a cave. I didn't feel like going through the cave, so I turned around and headed west instead.

    As I was heading that way, some guy noticed I was in possession of a PokéDex and introduced himself as Baoba. He said he used to run the Safari Zone in Kanto, but shut it down to move to Cianwood City to build a more modern one. He asked to trade phone numbers, and I didn't see why not, seeing as the Safari Zone in Kanto was a cool way to pass the time.

    The trail took a turn towards the south, and I saw signs of a city up ahead soon after. Moments later, I stepped under a string of flags and found myself in Olivine City.

    I was walking around and taking in the sights when I passed by the Gym. As I'm walking by, Danny exits the Gym in a huff. He's always in a huff, it seems. He noticed me and came up to me. He said he didn't want to battle right now, he was too pissed. According to him, the Gym Leader was off at the Lighthouse taking care of a sick Pokémon. He started ranting about how if a Pokémon can't battle, it's worthless. Then he shoved me out of the way and stormed off to the north.

    I explored the city, secretly worrying about that sick Pokémon myself. One person gave me a new fishing rod, and another wanted to trade a Voltorb to get a Krabby. But after looking around, I finally caved in and headed to the Lighthouse. I wanted to know what was wrong with that poor Pokémon. Call me weak if you want, but I hate that Danny kid, and if he doesn't care for something, I wanted to care for it to spite him.

    I entered the Lighthouse and tried to head right up to the top, but the door into the light room up there was locked. So I had to head back down and take the stairs.

    I fought my way past all the trainers until I could go no further upwards. I didn't know where else I could go, until I spotted a rather large window that I could jump out of. I did so, and luckily Psycho was able to safely carry me down.

    Outside, I was on the roof of the base building. I walked around the lighthouse pillar and found an entrance. Back inside, I continued my way up to the top, where the Gym Leader, Jasmine, and a sick Ampharos were waiting. She spoke of a pharmacy in Cianwood City, and then unlocked the gate for me. I took that as a silent request from her to get the medicine.

    I left the Lighthouse and made the decision to go to Cianwood. I caught a Krabby with that Good Rod and taught it Surf, then headed south towards Cianwood.

    The water route was long, but not painfully so. There were a good number of trainers and many annoying wild Pokémon. There were also these large islands being blocked off by huge whirlpools. The whirlpools almost looked artificial, as if someone or something was creating them.

    I ignored them for now and headed a little further west, landing in Cianwood. It was a small town on the sea, with fairly few large buildings. There was also a Gym, which I knew I had to hit now, because it was very unlikely that I'd be back.

    But first, I found the pharmacy. I told the guy about the Lighthouse Pokémon, and he seemed to know exactly what to give me. I obtained what he called the SecretPotion, a very potent medicine only to be used in emergencies.

    I walked around town a bit more and I stumbled upon a guy who mentioned a guy with red hair and piercing eyes who took his Pokémon. Danny, for sure. He was worried about him coming back, so he asked me to keep his last Pokémon safe. I agreed, mostly out of hatred at Danny.

    I decided my next move would be to hit the Gym for that fifth badge. I entered to find that the Gym Leader was standing under a huge waterfall and wasn't paying any attention to me at all. I had to shut the water off if I wanted a battle.

    Everyone in the Gym used Fighting type Pokémon, so you can guess how it went against the trainers there. When I finally got the waterfall to shut off, I stepped back up to the Gym Leader.

    He was all upset that I ruined his training, and told me that I should fear his strength from his extensive training. Then I reminded him that that had nothing to do with Pokémon battles. That shut him up. Then we battled.

    The Leader's name was apparently Chuck. Chuck used Fighting types. Psycho is a Psychic type. If you can't tell the outcome, then may Arceus have mercy on your soul. His Primeape fell to Psychic, as did his Poliwrath.

    After the slaughter battle, Chuck admitted that I was pretty good. Then he handed me the Storm Badge and TM 01 for Focus Punch.

    I left the Gym and this lady comes up to me and hands me HM 02. I thanked her, then healed up quickly.

    I walked north a bit, not really doing anything, when I see Suicune. It was just sitting there, looking at me. When I got close to it, it suddenly jumps up, runs around me, and then stops right in front of me. Then it dashed away across the sea.

    Suddenly Eusine showed up. He talked a bunch of gibberish about how amazing Suicune is and then challenges me to a battle to earn its respect.

    His first Pokémon was a Drowzee, who I took out with a Shadow Ball. Next came an Electrode, who fell after a Psychic. Finally, his last Pokémon was a Haunter, who went down with a Psychic as well.

    After I won, he complimented me on how strong I was and left. I decided it was time I got back to the Lighthouse and get that medicine to Jasmine.

    Upon returning to Olivine City, I promptly headed to the Lighthouse and took the elevator to the top. I handed the Secret Potion to Jasmine, who proceeded to administer it to the Ampharos. Suddenly, it started to look a lot less pale, and it stood up on its own. Finally, it cheered a little bit and started flashing, lighting up the whole room.

    Jasmine was so relieved. She thanked me quickly, then left to return to her Gym. I followed her there, ready for the next Gym battle, even though it hadn't even been two hours after the previous one.

    However, right as I left the Lighthouse, Baoba calls me to tell me that the Safari Zone has opened. I'll have to check that out some other time, because right now is Gym time!

    At the Gym, I walked up to where the first trainer was, only to find that instead of battling me, he thanked me for helping Jasmine. The same thing with the other trainer. So I got a first class ticket straight to Jasmine. She thanked me for my help again, but then her personality shifted instantly to a more focused and tougher one. She told me about the Steel type, which I already knew about, and then the battle ensued.

    Her first two Pokémon were both Magnemites. I hate Magnemites now. None of Psycho's attacks were even normally effective against them, and Thunderbolt did much more damage than I would have liked it to. But Psycho managed to get past them. Her last Pokémon, Steelix, was a tough cookie, with tons of defense. OH, and did I mention that Jasmine used about 5 Hyper Potions? WELL SHE DID. But eventually the huge behemoth fell, earning me the victory.

    And right after I beat the Steelix, Psycho started to evolve. Right then and there, he went from Metang to Metagross. He was thrilled to be back to his normal, and I was so glad to have my good buddy back to his former glory. And Jasmine was fascinated by it; I guess she had never seen a Metagross before.

    After the evolution was over, Jasmine handed me the Mineral Badge and TM 23, Iron Tail.

    I left the Gym, hearing praise from the trainers there. They told me I should aim higher because of my potential. One suggested Mahogany Town. I think I'll hit there next. But since today was a long day, both Psycho and I really wanted to rest. Until tomorrow.

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