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Johto Log 10

Well, I've done it again. And this time, it was almost as easy.

Victory Road... has definitely changed. A lot. There were a few Strength puzzles, but not very many. And there were no trainers to be found at all. I'm not sure whether it was because of a rule or because of something else. Either way, it was vacant.

Also, there were some holes in the ground that I had to use to get between certain areas and floors. I had a feeling that most people would have had to fall down them. Luckily, Psycho was able to carry me down them. No risk of broken bones here.

Finally, I saw the exit of the cave right ahead of me. I ran towards it, ready to rid myself of this place, when suddenly Danny shows up. Oh joy of joys. He followed me into Kanto. Then he tells me that the reason there weren't any trainers is because he beat them all. I couldn't believe that, but I didn't see any other explanation for the absence of trainers. He followed this statement up by saying the only reason I'm here is because he hasn't gotten to me yet. In other words, he was challenging me.

First his Sneasel was up, and then back down with a Metal Claw. Then was his Feraligatr, who withstood one Psychic, but couldn't handle the follow up Metal Claw. Third out was his Haunter; it promptly fell to a Shadow Ball. Next was his Golbat; the next part is self-explanatory. Lastly came his Magneton. It caused the most trouble because of it's resistance to Psychic and its Thunder Wave. But the second Psychic took it down, bringing Danny down to one Pokémon, Kadabra. It didn't stand a chance against Shadow Ball, and Psycho and I were victorious.

He said a bunch of words that basically amounted to "I'm gonna go train, but I'll be back."

Finally, I was at Indigo Plateau again. It was all so familiar, even after the remodeling they did while I was Champ. The mood was right, and it was time to become the Champion again. Finally my time has arrived.

After a little grinding in Victory Road, Psycho was at level 69 and raring to go. He had learned Zen Headbutt over Psychic, mainly because of the large difference between his Special Attack and Attack stats.

So, onto the battles. The first guy was the only one I didn't know, because he was added after I left. His name was Will, and he claimed to be a master with Psychic types. He obviously hasn't met Psycho and me.

First up was a Xatu. Shadow Ball put the poor thing in its place. The same for the Slowbro and other Xatu that followed it. His Jynx got a taste of Meteor Mash, and then Exeggutor fell to Shadow Ball.

Following Will was Koga, the ninja man himself. He welcomed me back, and then the battle started. First off was an Ariados, which was easily felled by a Zen Headbutt. Next was his Forretress, who had some good Defense to be able to withstand Earthquake once. A Full Restore, an Earthquake and a Shadow Ball later, the Forretress fell. (lol pun) Next was his Crobat; it was no more after Zen Headbutt. His Venomoth and Muk were KOed in the same manner.

Next up after Koga was Bruno, who was a good training buddy of mine when I was Champ. We exchanged greetings, and then got right to battle. He started with a Hitmontop, perfect fodder for Zen Headbutt. He jumped to his Onix, and Psycho mashed meteors upon it. The rest of his team fell easily to Zen Headbutt.

Last in the Elite Four was Karen. She was aloof, even while I was Champ. She preferred to stay out of the public eye and was usually only seen while she battled. She didn't have much to say, so we started the battle almost immediately.

This was a lot simpler that I had expected. Her Umbreon kicked things off, and Psycho hit it with Earthquake, but it managed to survive. I waited for her to use her Full Restore and weakened it with a Shadow Ball. Psycho was poised to hit it with another Earthquake when she suddenly shifted to Houndoom. Luckily, Earthquake was right on time and it wasn't as lucky as Umbreon. She sent out Gengar after that, and it was the easiest to take out; one Shadow Ball and done. Next up was Vileplume, and after Zen Headbutt, it looked a little wilted. She sent out her Murkrow, saving Umbreon for last. Psycho Meteor Mashed it into the ground, and only Umbreon was left. Earthquake was able to make quick work of the already weakened Pokémon.

Finally, I walked into the last room. It used to be my room, but when I moved out, everyone moved up a floor, and they must've taken their decorations with them. My floor looked nothing like it used to. It looked just like Lance's except longer. And speaking of Lance...

He was waiting for me on the pedestal which I used to stand on. He knew why I was here: I wanted it back. And he wasn't gonna let me have that easily. So you know what follows.

He started with Gyarados, and Zen Headbutt made it a breeze to beat it. Then came the Pokémon that had the best chance of beating Psycho: Charizard. Luckily for me, Zen Headbutt was more than enough to take it out. After Charizard came his most powerful Dragonite. Meteor Mash was all Psycho needed to win. Once it was down, Lance pretty much knew he was in trouble. But he didn't give up. Next up was his second Dragonite, and it fell in the same way. His third Dragonite was after that, and, again, Meteor Mash ruled supreme. The last of his Pokémon, Aerodactyl, was a quick thing, and managed to get a Crunch in on Psycho. That was the first damage anyone had done to Psycho the whole time. But one more Meteor Mash put it down for the count.

Lance conceded defeat and was about to register me as the Champion again when a pink-haired girl showed up, followed by Prof. Oak. He yammered on about how amazing it was that I'd beaten the Elite Four of both Kanto and Johto. Then the pink-haired lady, who's name was apparently Mary, was about to do an interview that I really didn't want when Lance butted in and excused us. Thank you Lance.

He led me back into the Record Room, where he re-registered Psycho and me as the League Champions.

I felt glorious. However, Lance mentioned to me that many people in Kanto would not recognize me as the Kanto Champ unless I went back to Kanto and beat all of the Gyms again. So that would be my next step. Time to show Kanto who's boss.

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