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Originally Posted by Live_Wire466 View Post
hiya everybody, i already joined the naruto one, so i figured id join the group for my other favorite manga. XD


well i already had a prototype Zanpakuto in the works, so ill go ahead and finish working on it i suppose.
Ah, glad to have you join the Bleach fan club.
I am the captain of Squad 1, and Head-Captain, Zameric.

If ya need any help with your zan, send me a PM.

Originally Posted by .Wolfie-kun. View Post
I guess I'm the only one who wants

Ulquiorra to somehow come back and help kill Aizen
... Bleh. we can dream XD

and OMG

I wasn't a massive fan of Gin but that doesn't mean you can kill him!

Can't wait till the next one x3
Actually, not really. ILP (Squad 12 Captain) is a big Ulquiorra fan too. You might have to fight for him. xD
Why don't you try joining the club though? 8D
You seem like you'd make a good addition.