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    Originally Posted by diegoisawesome View Post
    How would you go about seeing if a RAM location is empty? Is there a special method, or do you just look and try to find a ton of 00s?
    If the second one is right, try 0x02FF0000. Found it randomly.
    RAM only goes from 0x02000000 to 0x0203ffff. 0x0203f000 seems open in Emerald, but the only way to be sure is to search for the value 00 several times, with VBA, and try and see if the values closer to it change by doing different things (for example, fill a box with pokemon, and check if it touches there. Then try other things like teaching an attack, a wild battle, safari zone... If it remains 00 all that time, chances are it's safe).

    Originally Posted by Chaos Rush View Post
    So in an Emerald hack, is it okay to use any variable below 0x5536? And would a 100% safe way is to use 0x4050-0x40C0?
    Like I said before, 0x5536 is the first box position. Lower than that it's the Map Data, that include several random events. The only variables you can use with certainty are the ones they used in-game. All others may either damage your save or be ok. So, use the any you want. Then, If when testing, you see it affected something (like battle frontier records, daycare center, "trendy phrase", Rival name), check if it's the variable. If so, try another.
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