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I can sit here and say these are amazing, but you've already been told that a million times. lol
I can tell you how much I love them (especially the owl Yarly) but you could probably care less!

BUT!!! I can tell you that i'm especially impressed with the mew animation, not for the smoothness, but for the fact that you made it in only 8 frames. haHA! not another stale repetitive post ^_^

But really, i'm very impressed with mew. To have that much flow and in so little frames is hard to do. But even more, you were able to craft the individual sprites so beautifully so they eased into eachother almost effortly. Let me say I really appreciate the time you put into that animation, and I hope everyone realizes that your mew animation is not your typical spriting, it is absolutely professional and advanced.

In all honesty, you have some of the greatest spriting skills i have EVER seen... and i've seen some great spriters. Your quality is wonderful and your style is very professional. Your sprites, such as the moth, could be a trick 5th generation pokemon and 95% of the world would believe it.

But, there is one thing that has to go and ruin all this... and that's pikaman's legs... the shading transition from the torso to the thighs is really bizarre... the large excess of light toned yellow is too much, no? also, (HIS) right arm is a bit off with the anatomy... it looks like it's being twisted backwards... instead of being upwards like a shaking fist pose... overall, this sprite bothers me... almost as much the pikaman glitch it's self! lol

Nevertheless, these are amazing pieces of work! I'm thoroughly impressed with them! Please keep sharing you wonderful art!

Keep Spriting!
"In a world of chaos, the picture is one small rectangle in which the artist can create an ordered universe."
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