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    Welcome to the world of Zinnos. The region is very lush, trees everywhere, water as far as the eye can see. The region is governed by Celebi, a native Johto Pokemon who fled the region shortly after Team Rocket's failed-attack on it.

    You are a young [boy/girl], age 17. You're not really into POKeMON training, but you do have one. A rare Pokemon which you found injured in a nearby forest. Your father is a researcher and your mother is a cook. As new Pokemon began to be discoverd, budding trainers flocked in packs to the new region of Sinnoh. This is bad in that your father's lab is failing. Moving from Azaelea Town to a small village in a remote-northern location was far from your idea of a good time but at the time it was good for business. With the catering industry slowing down for the season and the overall lack of new trainers, your family is in a bit of a financial bind. To make matters worse, your home has now been foreclosed upon.

    It seems lately that wild Pokémon have been attacking people. What's worse is that tame Pokémon have been attacking their trainers! No one quite understands why, but it is happening frequently. This furthers your fear of training Pokemon but at your Dad's request you take on the job of being a trainer to enter in the Pokémon Grand Championship, which takes place in one year and has a prize money total of $500,000; more than enough to pay off the $200,000 owed to the bank.

    So off you go to train and catch two more Pokémon, as the tournament requires 3 Pokémon per competitor. As you travel from town to town, facing gym leaders to test your power, you run into a strange bunch of characters. Including a quirky rival, an arrogant gym leader-pseudo rival, and strange men and women in black. Venture into the world of Pokémon Requiem and discover these hidden truths!

    • New Region!
    • Capture and Command all 386 Pokémon available!
    • Trainer Rematches!
    • Altered Movesets & Abilities.
    • Classic Fire Red Tiles & Pallete.
    • New Field Techniques (ie. Focus Punch, Ember & Headbutt)
    • New TM's & Key Items!
    • More than 99% of the hack has been decapitalized!
    • Updated Moves, Pokemon Sprites, Trainer Classes and Trainer Sprites!
    • The return of HM08 (Dive) to venture underwater!
    • Swarming Pokemon
    • Easter Eggs & Much MUCH more!



    Name: Ivy of Mozilla City
    Age: 10 Years Old
    Name Origin: As in poison ivy, a plant.
    Backstory: Took over Mozilla Gym after beating her father at age 8. She wants to prove that she is capable of being the Leader despite her age.

    Name: Electra of Mirroredge City
    Age: 16 Years Old
    Name Origin: Electra has the same starting letters as Electric.
    Backstory: The strongest Trainer of her family. Even though she's only 16 she is well respected around town and is even a Jr. Officer in the Police Force.

    Name: Lex of Shell Harbor City
    Age: 36 Years Old
    Name Origin: His original design reminded me of Lex Luthor from Superman. When I revamped his design, the name didn't change.
    Backstory: An old miner who used to work in the Shell Steel Mill. He prides himself on his mighty physical strength and refers to everyone as a Kid.

    Name: Arkana of Crimson City
    Age: 19 Years Old
    Name Origin: Arkana sounds like Arcade. Also a duelist on Yu-Gi-Oh! was named Arkana and he used spellcaster types.
    Backstory: A psychic who doubles as a blackjack dealer. Around town he's known to be quite the trickster and is quite popular among the ladies.

    Name: Kera of Domino City
    Age: 24 Years Old
    Name Origin: Kera means mole cricket in Japanese.
    Backstory: Even though she's from Zinnos she loves the Johto customs and mimics the look of the Kimono Girls of Johto. She has a 6 year old son and a 17 year old sibling. (Gender changes depending on yours.)

    Leader #6
    Name: Amber of Blackmist City
    Age: ????
    Name Origin: ????
    Backstory: ????

    Leader #7
    Name: Ike of Icarus Town
    Age: ????
    Name Origin: ????
    Backstory: ????

    Leader #8
    Name: Klaos of Northpoint City
    Age: ????
    Name Origin: ????
    Backstory: ????


    This is a comprehensive list of errors present in Requiem Beta 2. Since this hack is dead none of these will be fixed. If you want a more enriched Requiem experience visit the Shattered Dreams thread as that is essentially an updated Requiem.
    • There are some places that you cannot ride your bike.
    • The intro sprite for the Hero/Heroine have not been changed. [This is not a priority]

    Q: Why did you restart the hack?
    A: It crashed. I found a working Beta but decided against continuing from it as it was somewhat buggy.

    Q: Why did you remove the Spritemon?
    A: As nice as they are I feel like they served no purpose to the story. To be honest I feel like I used them originally to bring in a crowd. This time around I want the story to hold the hack up without the Spritemon.

    Q: What about the palettes? Why did you change those?
    A: For the same reason that I refuse to use a Rom Base. As nice as a new palette is, I feel like they're just another gimmick to support a hack. Again I think the features and story of the hack are more than able to hold it up.

    Q: You should do [x], [y], and [z]!
    A: I'm pretty open for suggestions but for now I think I'm satisfied with the way things are going.

    Q: How long til the updated beta!?
    A: It's out now. Download the IPS patch and patch it to a clean Fire Red rom.

    Q: What tools do you use?
    A: A-Map, XSE, Translhextion, NSE & UNLZ GBA.

    Q: Who are the starters?
    A: Treecko, Cyndaquil & Squirtle

    Q: Why?
    A: They are each a pure-type from their generation.

    Q: Who do you recommend?
    A: Cyndaquil is the easiest to play with. Squirtle is the hardest. If you're looking for ease chose Cyndaquil, if you want a challenge chose Squirtle, if you want to just play go with Treecko.

    • Drew6464 For Ivy's sprite & NiKaNaRoU for Chrono's OW.
    • DrFuji for helping me edit the TM Data.
    • Dartharon for the Headbutt script (which was modified by me)
    • Lal0101 for the secondary Trees.
    • The Creators of the tools I used.
    • Haefele for the Worldmap tutorial.
    • Hackmew for the tools, Pokedex fix and the indoor running shoes.
    • Wesley FG for the cactus tile.
    • Everyone who supports Requiem!
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    The return of Pokemon Shattered Dreams! Click the screenshot to visit the thread, you know you want to.