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Things are really getting interesting. I have many questions to ask, but I don't think I'll ask all of them....

Do you guys think the Arrancar race is going to be exterminated after..
Ichigo beats Aizen?


Zanpakuto Name; Maō
Type; Melee
Zanpakuto Spirit; Takes the form of a black figure that has red glowing eyes, moves extremely fast and releases a small amount of spirit power, but when it attacks it releases a large amount of spirit power.
Release Command; Slay God
Shikai Details; Long, thin katana that is very light. It sometimes radiates a dark red or black aura depending on how its user feels. In the Shikai form, it radiates more of dark red and black spirit energy. Where ever it hits it will poison it and it will become hard to heal, and when anything comes into contact with the spirit energy surrounding the zanpakuto it will slowly disintegrate.
Bankai Name; Unkown
Bankai Details; Unkown