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Originally Posted by 560cool. View Post
Yes, I know. Here is the exact quote from the HGSS GameFAQs walkthrough ...

I said it from memory, so I was wrong. Well, anyways, as you can see, you can use items, but only the ones you get on the field.
Well, someone can attempt it. And who is that ?
I'll let you guys guess.

and yes, I approve of this title :-)
Looks that person is me :O (yes I pulled this quote from a couple pages back xD

I'm debating wether(spelling fail) to do the Survival Challenge now and not record.Or wait till I find my video Camera and make a Playthrough (kinda like what I did in my HG Mono type exept I will record the whole thing) (And with Slow Internet being in Brasil this will be annoying D:)
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