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    Lemme have a crack at this, simply because I love easy fights.

    Originally Posted by Jolene View Post
    Our western countries are becoming a lot more diverse in terms of religion and we should change our culture to accomodate that.
    Look up the term "Melting pot." American culture, though it may be the product of Satan, is centered around diversity, political correctness, and good feelings.

    Christmas is a huge part of our culture but many people of non-Christian faiths are excluded from it because they do not believe in Jesus.
    1. Know what X-Mas is (Well, technically, it's a Greek shortening of Christmas, using Chi Ro, but...)? It's what non-Christians call Christmas so they can celebrate Christmas without being tainted by our pagan ways.

    2. Where does it say you have to believe in Jesus? Easter is much more "Christian", and yet everyone celebrates that as well.

    There are so many non-Christian people living here and they must feel really sad when it gets around to Christmas and they aren't allowed to join in the fun.
    Right. Go over to Japan, and tell their non-Christian butts to stop celebrating Christmas because it's Christian. See how it goes. Don't worry, they won't laugh, they'll just resume their Christmas celebrations.

    I think that western countries should alter Christmas so that it is no longer a Christian-related holiday, and then everyone can celebrate it!
    1. Wut

    2. Then it's not Christmas. I think we should alter the American Flag so that it's bright orange, has a giant picture of Aya Shameimaru on it, and is triangular...

    But then it wouldn't be the American flag.

    We should call it International Presents Day or Winter Festival.
    Or Kwanzaa! Or Chanukkah!

    Umm... Wait...

    Why are you butchering a Christian holiday, rather than removing it all together?

    I want to celebrate Yom Kippur, but I don't want any of that annoying Jewish stuff. I just want the good part of it, and they can worry about whatever faithy things they want.


    After all, I think that barely anyone really cares that Christmas celebrates the birth of Christ.
    How many Christians are there in the world? Answer me that, please.

    All we care about is the presents and parties.
    Blood pressure spiking. Will not touch.

    That is the true spirit of Christmas and as long as that remains then Christmas will still be good.
    I mad. I very mad.

    The "true spirit of Christmas" is mostly a myth. Christmas is a time of celebration of the birth of Christ. If it's not, it's not Christmas.

    In fact, Christmas is not even a Christian holiday: it was originally a Pagan holiday called Yuletide but the Christians stole it!
    Alert the Illuminati of your uncovered conspiracy.

    Everyone knows, and I'm sick of this being "proof" against us.

    Of course Christians can still have a day to celebrate the birth of Christ but it should be a lower-key event.
    Look up the Roman persecution. Do you think early Christians ran around in red hats celebrating the birth of Christ?

    Christmas, and most of Christianity, was low-key at first. Why is it so popular now?

    Because it's been embraced by most of the world, before all the "Ban religion and everything" people came around.

    I'm fine with Atheism, Agnosticism, and other religions.

    But I'm not going to go torch a mosque simply because I think that they're offensive.

    Oh, look, that statement can be considered offensive, because it's a Catholic insulting a Muslim.

    If someone said we should, say, prevent Muslims from building a mosque, there would be public outcry (Owait).

    So... why are Christians such an unprotected target? Why are we mocked, hated, criticized, and in every way disliked, when the Jews and the Muslims aren't?

    Is it because we're the horrible religion, because of the Spanish Inquisition?
    If so, I suggest you read about the Bataan Death March, so you can start hating Japan unconditionally.

    Is it because we're obnoxious?
    In that case... Well, I'm not even going to say anything here. It's too obvious.

    Is it because we're the standard everyone wants to rebel against?
    Bingo. 60s and 70s, I hate every year of you.

    EDIT: Double Straiku!

    Originally Posted by Jolene View Post
    I think it's mostly just America that is religious. In European countries hardly anyone is religious and a lot of the people who are religious are not serious about their religion.
    America is religious? Or, to clarify, America is Christian?

    Since when? Well, since what time period after the 1960s?

    And Europe...

    It's religious. Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Jewish, etc. But still religious. Don't let the loud minority of anti-religious Atheists (I'm not saying that all Atheists are anti-religious, but some Atheists are more like Anti-theists) make you think that they're the majority of Europeans.

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