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What I have of the "Pokemon Magic of a Melody" soundtrack thus far (and what the songs really are):

1. Overture--The Legend of the Rainbow Symphony (The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker-The Legendary Hero)
2. Welcome to Asimiro Lodge (Wild Arms-Town Theme)
3. Dreaming of Adventure-Ash's theme (Legend of Mana-The Wind Sings of a Journey)
4. Aspiring Mages (Mario Party 3-Preparations)
5. Saefleita Call-Pikachu (Dragon Quest VIII-Echo Flute 2)
6. Summon Cycle Lugia (Lugia's Song-Pokemon 2000)
7. Milina and Ash's theme (Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete-Luna and Alex)
8. The Rainbow Symphony (The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker-Sage Fado)
9. Setting Out (Pokemon HG/SS-Route 1)
10. Fight to Survive! (Dragon Quest VIII-Battle)
11. Safe at Home (The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time-House)
12. Wisdom of the Heart-Kissa's theme (Suikoden-An Old Irish Song)
13. The Mysterious Singer (The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker-Sage Laruto)
14. Carried on Heartstrings-Brock's theme (Dragon Quest VIII-Carry these Feelings on the Harp)
15. A Promise to Unleash the Colors-theme of the heroes (Fairy Tail-Main theme (slow))
16. Basics of Song Magic (Xenosaga III-In a Limestone Cave)
17. New Day In Town-Town theme (Fairy Tail-Happy's theme)
18. Tales of Wonder (Legend of Mana-Nostalgic Song)
19. A Tale from the Heart (Final Fantasy X-Silence Before the Storm)
20. On an Endless Road (Final Fantasy VI-Terra)
21. Stories These Halls Could Tell (Legend of Mana-Lumina)
22. I Sing of Confidence-Roni's theme (Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga-Teehee Valley)
23. Out of the Ground, Raze All Greenery in Flame!-battle theme 1 (Fairy Tail-Natsu's theme)
24. Welcome to Whitespell (Wild Arms 3-A Person's Warmth)
25. Seeking Information (Chrono Trigger-Wind Scene)
26. All is Well, I'm Here-Dawn's theme (Fairy Tail-Mirajane's theme)
27. Whitespell Under Fire! (Romancing Saga 3-Boss Battle)
28. Ancient Light, Rise and Revive-white magic cast/Song Magic cast (Fairy Tail-Tsuioku)
29. Guiding Light, Shed Magic Power From Above!-tide turns in heroes' favor (Fairy Tail-Invoke Magic)
30. Unleash the Colors of a Melody (fast)-heroes' victory (Fairy Tail-Main Theme)
31. In the Catacombs (Fairy Tail-Shadows Creeping)
32. Miyakawa, Guardian of the Earth (Golden Sun-Kolima Forest)
33. The Shadow of the Earth-Theme of the Hokage (Final Fantasy VII-Cosmo Canyon)
34. A Test for the Chosen (Tales of Symphonia-Asgard)
35. Resisting the Dark Water (Super Castlevania IV-Cave)
36. Miyakawa's Pride-Janine's theme (Super Paper Mario-Sammer Kingdom)
37. Contemplating Answers (Chrono Trigger-Secret of the Forest)
38. Hikari no Shizen (Soukaigi-Fire Wire)
39. What Are You Doing Here, Roni? (Yoshi's Island DS-Windblown Wilderness)
40. Ash Explains the Rules (Star Ocean 2: The Second Story-Shower of Blossoms)
41. The Waterfall's Secrets (The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time-Forest Temple)
42. And So, Our Journey Continues (Okami-Ryoshima Coast)
43. Strolling Through a Bustling Town (Tales of Legendia-The Meeting Place is the Fountain Plaza)
44. Temple of Anima (Dragon Quest 9-The Observatory)
45. It Is I, Anima (Final Fantasy 7-Aerith)
46. To the Mountains! (The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening-Tal Tal Mountains)
47. Safety Among the Storm (Terranigma-Crysta)
48. Long Ago, It Was Said... (Chrono Trigger-The Brink of Time)
49. The Legend of Miyakawa (Shadow Hearts-Highnoon Fish)
50. Relaxing Under the Stars (Kingdom Hearts 2-Lazy Afternoons)
51. Sakura turns to Ice (Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana-Village of Snow and Glass)
52. Welcome to the Woods (3D.Game Heroes-Wilderness)
53. Wandering in the Cold (Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red/Blue-Mt. Freeze)
54. Let Our Songs Combine (Final Fantasy VI-Prelude)
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