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    I have this idea which I cant participate on until late December or something, anyways. Its all about planning on a set of 6 Pokemon before you start you journey and then plug them in once you start. Rules are somewhat simple. Sometimes, limitations give benefits. ( will come down )

    1- All Pokemon are allowed except starters. ( see limitations )
    2- Your set can contain maximum ONE legendary, even tho I dont ecourage it. ( all of them are allowed except Arceus ).
    3- Event Pokemon are allowed ( and this includes legenedaries as well ).
    4- Breeding for IVs, natures, abilities and egg moves are allowed. ( you'll be smart if you do this ).
    5- Hacked Pokemon are Not allowed.
    6- Emulators, hmmm, I dont really encourage that, I really hate it, but wont say no.
    7- You can only play this on P/D/Pt/HG/SS.
    8- The use of the same Pokemon is not against the rules, but its just " not fun ".
    9- HM Slaves are totally fine.
    10- All Pokemon must start as unevolved Pokemon and then evolve them at will. ( except*)

    Limitations being :-
    1- Legendaries can only be used when your team is as this legendary's level. Say you choose [email protected] which is level 30, you will only be allowed to use your other 5 until they reach 30 and then add it.
    2- Starters can only be obtained by limiting yourself to choose your set of Pokemon from a certain region, and that gives you the ability to use ONE started of that region. Say you would like to get Charmander, then you need to make the other 5 of your set to be Kanto Pokemon.
    3- Pokemon whom evolved independent on levels can be added directly to your set ( like you can add Steelix instead of Onix because level 1 or 100 Onix can evolve into stealix if traded with Metal coat, like-wise, Scyther. )

    You will be considered a winner if you beat the league ( DPPt ) or Red ( HG/SS )
    I hope this is clear, I did this before and its quite fun. see you!