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Attacking doesn't seem to work, yelling commands doesn't work either - the smog blanks out most of your vision, unable to make out any details to help you progress. As your team stumble together, all of you touch the emblem together. With a bright spark of light the fog vanishes, the wall blocking your way has disappeared.

A chained pokémon stands before you, its yellow-gray body tensing and twisting in pain. The silver spoons it carries are twisted and bent out of shape. It shrieks, sending a blast of psychic energy at the team. You pause - considering why it might be angry - another psychic blast shakes the room and you realise that the point is trivial. The rules of the tomb seem to be saying the vengeful Alakazam must be defeated. You charge forward.

I'm manly, so give me the Manly Moderator emblem.

I really like this new thread, with a ton load of emblems we can speculate about, and know them so we can have a better chance of earning them. I also love the layout of this thread. xD And I just know there are a million more emblems hidden somewhere, but for now, this will do. =] I'll drop by sometimes and see if I qualify, and then we can ask a staff member, correct? :P