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Originally Posted by Sydian View Post
I also want to add that being obvious about it is really annoying, and it's all the more reason for some staff to not give you the emblem because being obvious about it is no fun. So posting on a staff member's profile (or in this thread) using :) XD :P and [b]this[b/] will not get you their respective emblems.
This, this, this.

I'm about to really go on a tangent with this. Suddenly people who never had the problems (that would earn someone one of those easy emblems) become careless enough not to fix up an obvious tag fail. Honestly, we aren't stupid. It only makes you look desperate if you go around making fails here and there just to get an emblem. It's supposed to be for people who make an honest mistake, you know.

If we see you post something like that, chances are we're going to look at your posts before this thread was up. We can put 2+2 together. If you suddenly start to abuse smilies and you've never used one of them here in your posts in your life then you aren't going to get the emblem and we'd probably leave a note for other staff members in your user notes not to give you an emblem because you don't deserve it. There's a difference between deserving an emblem and trying to get an emblem. We aren't going to give emblems to people who are trying to give you an emblem. The reason we decided to put this list public is to take the guessing out of getting emblems.

Originally Posted by Cynder The Bloody Angel View Post
duh XD dude it was just a joke cuz im allways online cuz i cant log out XD
there is a bug or something :/
You're so funny! That was really funny.

Originally Posted by Pave Low View Post
[S]I need to start collecting![//S]

I love the fact that we know how to get them, some are hard by some are easily do-able! Great idea, lots of people gonna love it.
[SSSSS]lol I know what you mean but I'm sure that you'll end up getting the ones you rightfully deserve and not the tag fail emblem.[/BBBBIL]