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-how exactly can you tell if a member is 'lazy'? (refer to the 'too much effort' emblem)
-how does one 'make' an emblem? do members create some on their own? (refer to the 'emblem artisan' emblem)
-I don't get the drama queen emblem (is it supposed to mean 'troll king' in a way)?
I don't particularly like the lazy emblem cause it is hard to tell who is and who isn't. I dont' even know how to answer that. I guess it's for challenge owners, group owners, etc. that never update the first post?

They're 80x80 pictures that you can make and you can send them to a staff member and they might bring it up in the emblem suggest list if it's unique enough.

Just people that have a lot of drama that revolves around them. I honestly don't know why some people have it, but oh well. It can mean troll king if the drama revolves around trolling though.

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