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    No one told me anything. ;-;
    In this case, i'll make it up by allowing three duels.

    Available Duelists

    Here is the current list of available duelists.

    1. Skitty123 (Waiting for confirmation for dragonite149's request)
    2. Humm96
    - Anything but scratch
    3. TheMightyMrPlow
    Looking for a fusion duel
    No duelist.

    Ongoing Duels

    Here is the current list of ongoing duels.

    1. Dorandragon vs. Logiedan
    2. countryemo vs. Conan Edogawa
    3. Sora's Nobody vs. Froslass_Maniac vs. -ty-

    Waiting List

    Current waiting list.

    1. The 100 Mega Shock vs. zein
    2. Scarf vs. Spherical Ice
    3. WingedKuri vs. Andinator
    4. Poster vs. GaiaEdge355

    If anyone wants a specific theme for their duel, please post and say so, it's hard to keep up with everyone. ):

    pair: Sheep