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Originally Posted by miksy91 View Post
I'm not lying when I say this but that's one of the most awesome scripts ever done with a first generation pokemon game !
Thanks mate, it's really appreciated.

Too bad no one else understands how much effort it took to make it :\
Meh, we have to deal with it. Luckily we can vaunt that we have fun just by Hacking.
You know, I think it can be pretty boring spending the time pressing buttons on A-Map..

Scripting in 1st and 2nd gen isn't really even close.
Well, 1st gen requires ASM, ok. But even though there isn't an actual scripting engine like following generations', there are a lot of specific functions. Until now I found functions for: give pokemon, give item, check item, play fanfare, apply movement, play music (maybe?), stop music, face player, hide/show objects, display Dex, and basic triggers.

So, yeah, it takes time, but I have a lot of fun so, that's what matters.

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