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Welcome to the Holiday Game Map-Off Event! Are you a ROM hacker? Or maybe a game developer? Or do you just like creating Pokemon maps on your tool/program? Well then you should participate in this event, where you can create maps and submit them in this contest for the judges to see your maps. Every participant of this event, whether they won or not in the map-off, will receive a Participant Emblem. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners of the map-off will receive an additional emblem for winning in this event.

The theme for this map-off? Since it's a
New Years Extravaganza, the theme of this map-off is to create a map that fits in with what you think should represent the New Years! It could be a Winter-Wonder Land map, or a New Years Festival map. What ever your imagination desires.~

When mapping, think of the criteria that's being judged. The three categories of criteria for the judging are: Originality/Creativity ; Overall Appearance ; Playability.

Suggested programs
: Advance Map or RPG Maker XP. But you are free to use any other program that you have in mind you want to use. Note: Adding extra stuff to the map such as overworlds and special effects (with a graphic program) are prohibited.

→ You must give credit for anything you use, when due. Ex; Programs/tools or tiles.
→ You are not allowed to steal someone's else map.
→ Don't ask someone else to make you a map, this has to be done by you.
→ Please use the format below to submit your map.

Posting Format
As said above, you must use this format to submit your map. You must include the map title, credits, a short description of the map, and, of course, the map itself in spoiler tags, no matter how small or large it is. Example:

Map Title: [Title]
Description: [Description]
Credits: [Credits]
Mapshot: [Within spoiler tags]

Final Notes
The event will be held from December 29th to January 1st. The judging process will be during the event. Results will be posted in this post on January 2nd, the last day of the whole New Year's Extravaganza. Emblems will be given to the participants/winners soon after the entire get-together is done. Below are the awards being given to the participants/winners. Also below is some resources that you may want to use for your maps, such as ROM bases and tiles. (These resources are up to you to use; they are not required.) If you have any questions concerning this event, feel free to ask either me or Regeneration.

Winners: 1st Place - Ninja Caterpie. 2nd Place - Cilerba/Spherical Ice. 3rd Place - Binary.

Remember that it is not required to use these resources.

1. Frozen ROM Base (Firered only)

By: Neti, dshayabusa, Fangking Omega
You may possibly use the Frozen ROM Base if you require winter tiles for mapping. This will work only with a Pokemon Firered ROM, and is an IPS patch.

2. Snow-Based Tiles
By: Wesley FG, Crito (Zein)
If needed, you can use some snow-based tiles by Wesley FG to complete your maps for the event.