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    Just to get this started, how about:
    Name: Jp: 球ドル Tamadoru En: Chanpuff
    Type/s: Um... Probably part normal, maybe water too?
    Pokédex entry:
    Tamadoru walks around towns, looking for noodle bars to sample from, It has a very large fan base, especially with females.
    Chanpuff's favourite food is noodles, it will often scour towns for new noodle bars to try.
    It has an extremely large fanbase, mostly females, due to it's cuteness.
    Abilities: Guts, Cuteness (foe is infatuated for the first turn). Dream world: Super Luck

    Tamadoru means sphere [noo]dle
    I imagine it as a kind of sphere with arms and legs, that's cute and holds a bowl of noodles.
    I suspect it would learn boiling water at some point :p.

    I made a semi good chanpuff sprite, needs improvement *hint*