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Originally Posted by tnguye3 View Post
You could try add chopsticks for Chanpuff, maybe that would emphasize the noodle Pokemon. xD
In any case imo the sprite's already good as it is.

Anyways, here's Swampike:

Name: Swampike
Type/s: Water
Pokédex Entry: It is a large pokemon, as big as gyarados. It has a short temper. Scientists are unsure how wimpike evolves into this monster.
Ability/ies: Torrent/intimidate
Description: [Wimpike's evolution]
The design's pretty neat, but why do I get a lot of Raichu vibes from it ;(

Originally Posted by blackmoonflower View Post
Changed it up a little as suggested.

Good palette and design, but you could use some darker hues. Also, maybe a better eye, as in pokemon, even bug eyes are not like this. Good job, though.
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