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@ Poster
I geuss it's cause of the dorsal fins which resemble Raichu's ears, and maybe the stripes lol. xD

Anyways, I did a Blaydyte quickie, though I couldn't make out what it was by reading the description and the only thing that came to my mind was a beetle...

Originally Posted by Nimblethumbs View Post
Name: Blaydyte
Bladetail pokemon
Abilities: Guts
Type: Steel
Pokedex: It is a small yellow creature with no distinguishable head. It's skin is so tough only a diamond cutter can penetrate it. Blaydyte has a blue line running all the way down it's back, forming into an arrow between it's eyes (If you ever watched Avatar: The last airbender when you were little, it looks like aang's arrow). It has a blue marking on each of it's four stout, stubby little legs. It has a jagged razor blade as a tail, but one side of it is stuck to it's rear/back part of it's body, leaving just the blade sticking out, giving Blaydyte the inability to swish it's tail. Blaydyte has a small blunt horn on it's forehead, used for shaving off treebark, it's staple diet. Blaydyte then sits on the treebark to cut it into bite-sized pieces. All of Blaydyte's attacks are attack based, and are carried out with its bladetail, so it looks really wierd, as the opponent sees the rear end of the pokemon flying at them. It's horn is unsuitable for combat. One thing is sure: You don't want this pokemon sitting on you.