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    Originally Posted by Dark Pulse94 View Post
    awesome man, thanks a bunch...

    oh? Fighting/Pshychic/Dark Starters? I'd thought about that for a while now...

    well anyway, I've joined the DeviantArt group, so I'm looking forward to it!
    Cool! =D

    I'm going to talk to Midnitez to let you in soon.

    Meanwhile, I've another release:

    This new version should have several corrections, such as the overpowered trainer problem and even the sound and save functions should now work.

    All I regret is that the text boxes may not yet show up. But hey, it's good progress. Just try to read xD

    Additionally, you can also copy the previous save to this folder to load it from there so that nothing is lost, for the changes were not made in-game.

    One more thing, there's a Readme inside now, containing all the credits.

    In case you can't hear those sounds when you choose an option, etc., just press F1 and tick the box corresponding to "PLAY BGS and SE".
    But if you hate them as much as I do, just leave it. x3