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Oh well it looks like only 2 people entered the contest but the winner has been announced:

In First Place:
I just loved how you used one of my favourite Pokemon in your fantasy. It was also very creative and humorous. And no I am not just sucking up to the boss.
Regeneration's Fantasy:
Username: Regeneration
Pokemon in fantasy: Exploud
The Fantasy: The boss' underlings never do their jobs properly. The poor boss i.e. me, Regeneration always spends most of his energy shouting at those lazy bums. We could instead catch an Exploud for Boss who would do all the shouting on his behalf! Then we'll definitely get a promotion, maternity leaves, and a holiday package to Unova!

In Second Place:
What a clever use of Skiploom's unique abilities. You must know a lot about it (or you did some reasearch). Skiploom's face would always brighten up my day.
Hoppip's Fantasy:
Username: Hoppip
Pokemon in fantasy: Skiploom
The Fantasy: The boss could use Skiploom as his own personal indicator to see if it's warm enough to get out of bed in the morning (as Skiplooms flower only blossoms when it is at least 17.7 degrees Celsius or 64 degrees F). It could also use its Sleep Powder to put the boss back to sleep if it's too cold and when he gets up Skiploom's smiling face will brighten up his day.

Even though I would have liked more participants, I would like to congratulate our participants for being so creative with their fantasies that Meowth himself would be proud of and I hope there for more next time.