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    First Update:

    After telling the Prof my name and my rivals name, I went on to choose my pokemon. I chose Squirtle for two reasons, the first being that I would need to surf later, the second is that my rival chose Bulbasaur. Meaning Magmar would dominate him.

    After getting my Squirtle and running back with his package and skipping all that dialog, I encountered a wild Magby. it took four of my five pokeballs to catch this guy, at 1 hp too! His nature was Mild which is perfect.

    [The reason I caught a Magby is because I thought it would be fun to have him evolve into Magmar during this, Magby can still evolve into Magmar even though he's hacked in right?]

    Blew threw the Varidian forest and came out level 12. Went to fight Brock. Took down his little buddy blocking the way, barely. Leveled to 13.

    Brocks Geodude went down, and then his Onyx rocked my world. But I still got some good experience. I kept going back and dying because that Geodude was the only way to get decent exp at this point. After hitting level 15 I went back for a truely epic battle.

    Magby leads with Ember, not very effective.
    Onyx uses Rock Tomb (the move he kept OHKOing me with)
    Magby hung on with 3 hp and burned Onyx in the process. Used potion.
    Onyx used tackle.
    Magby used Ember.
    Onyx used bind.
    Magby used potion.

    That went on for a while until the burn finally wore him down. It was pretty tough believe me.

    Magby lvl 16


    Squirtle lvl 7
    Tail whip
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