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Originally Posted by BinaryPeaches View Post
Ah yes. That was one of my favorite moments of ToS2 (in fact... all of my favorite moments include the original cast). I think she started to learn from someone. Who it is I can only make a guess (unless they've said something and I've completely forgotten it).

So, I was actually trying to pull off the Eternal Sword glitch yesterday in ToS while [s]trying[/i] to face Abyssion. Apparently my timing sucks, because I keep on starting Falcon's Crest too early. :V
What's the Eternal Sword Glitch?

Originally Posted by Icebloom View Post

What do guys think of that? You never know with Namco-Bandai though, so I won't believe it till I have the game in my hands.
Tales of Graces. Never played that game before. Yeah... Is it good? XP