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Whee replying to reviews. The more comments the better! ;D
Indeed if you have them learn Flail.
Or taught by Johnson. XD
Top hats rule, that is all.
That is quite true.
Ah dang bobandbill, way to ruin my dream of meeting the tooth fairy. ;_;
Vriska is the tooth fairy
Haha, that would have been a funny scene to read.
I had been actually contemplating briefly to write out the scene, but that wouldn't have done well for Wes' aspirations to remain seeming innocent and unnoticed, what with all the attention that would have brought. XD
Don’t tell me Venus is going to do your Let’s Play Pokemon Diamond you have been posting here, is she? D:
Nah, if she had with ould have been in bright pink and more about herself than anything else, I suspect.
TOMMMMMMMM! :D Haha at the end wheere he was able to carry both Wes and Johnshon. XD;
Hurrah for his return being liked. =D
I enjoyed this quite a lot. I really feel sorry for Johnson this chapter for some reason, maybe because he isn't able to say anything smart in a while. XD Also, LOL at the people being brainwashed. This shall get interesting later on.
Well, to be honest Johnson doesn't get to say anything smart in general. XD And certainly the brainwashing is a point that still gets mention in future chapters.
Again, the scene with Sherles and Rui has some nice foreshadowing during their discussion. Woot for Rui taking matters in her own hands, although she should consider eating yogurt too.
Foreshadowing is most fun. ;D And yes, yogurt is always good to eat.
The part with Ein and Miror B--all I'm going to say is cunning Miror B is awesome.

Overall, great chapter here. Looking forward to the next one!
Cunning he is...when he actually sets his mind to it. XD Glad you enjoyed, and cheers for the review!
Originally Posted by Elite Overlord LeSabre™ View Post
YES! The return of Tom who strangely seems to have amazing upper body strength!
Bet you didn't expect that. ;D
Top hats are boss. More trainers in Pokemon games need them. But did she give hers a name? "Eddie" sounds like a good name for him.
The hat refuses to reply to the question.
I would sell my soul to have a disco ball in my room. And this situation with Ein and Miror B. living under the same roof would make a great reality TV series. I know Miror's intentions are good, but you still have to feel a bit sorry for Ein for having his whole life "disco-fied" xD
Great, now I have imagined such a television show. XD
Ah, those crazy, Venus obsessed Under residents. Gotta love 'em, even if you don't really understand what they're trying to say, lol And interesting that someone is beginning to suspect Phenac's mayor... after all the clues (i.e., the suspicious characters and riffraff about his house as well as this arrest warrant for Wes) are right there. And now a small part of me wants to fire up Colosseum (I just finished a play-through this past week), go to the Under, and tell the old man I don't want to hear his story just to see him go ballistic. Am I wrong for wanting to do that?
Yeah, unlike everyone in the game, I decided to have the mayor's involvement become not so unnoticed given how the game deals with it. And no, you are not wrong for wanting to do that. XD
Oh, and while we're at the Venus stage in the story, look up an '80's song called "Venus" by the band "Bananarama". This song needs to somehow be associated with her, as the line "I'm your Venus" comes directly from that tune.
I already know the song actually. XD
Another good chapter, and pretty ironic timing since I just finished up a playthrough of Colo as I mentioned earlier. But now I really must go. You see, there's this young lady in a top hat standing over me who's demanding that I see her show. She's quite adamant that I bear witness to it, too. And there's no saying no to the top hat. Especially since I think this person is running the whole show...
GOD SPEED, and cheers for another review! =D