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Well, I've been pondering over this idea for a while now, and after a week of trying to put pen to paper I create chapter one of my fanfic;

Professor Layton VS Ace Attorney: The Twin Siren

I use notepad (aided by online grammar and spell checks), so please excuse my spelling mistakes, and I'm sorry if this doesn't make sense. It was a really good concept in my head, just transferring it onto my computer was the difficult part.


PL VS AA: The Twin Siren - Prologue: Twin Telepathy

There was a clinking sound as a both twins were bolted into a metal chair.

"Don't be frightened, Renae. Everything will be fine, it's just a little of Daddy's work."

Renae looked exactly like her sister, Shanae. The only difference was Renae was twisting in her chair, her blonde hair draping her face. Renae continued to struggle and whimper as Shanae remained eerily quiet, accepting
that she was treated like a lab rat. The twins father, David, was a scientist. He was immersed in his studies of identical twins, and has attempted many experiments to further understand how identical twins are. But he was not so interested in personal appearance, as he tells his twins;

"With my research, I am close to revealing a way where twins - like you - can communicate and understand each other without the use for words!" Despite trying to act calm, he could not hide the excitement in his voice.

"You mean like psychics talk with the dead people?" Renae questioned, her curiosity keeping her quiet.

"Exactly, now stay still and we can test it." After briefly explaining his reasons, David then placed a wire on each of the frontal lobes on the twins. Renae began to twitch nervously during the process, while Shanae was still
eerily quiet, it was hard to even hear her breathe.

The four wires connected to the twins trailed upon the floor where they attached to a machine. The machine was metal and covered the entire wall of the room it occupied. There were many screens detailing each twins
brain waves and synergy in each twins mind, and a dashboard with many lights and switches. There was also a big red lever to activate the machine, and a light, with was currently off. David had finished connecting the wires
to each twin and waited in silence. Renae stared at her surroundings, she was rather traumatic about the experience. The room was dull and dark, the only light was emitted from a small globe in the centre of the ceiling.

There were no windows and the machine was the only decoration in the room. Renae tried not to think about all the things that could go wrong, and tried to remain calm like her sister. Shanae was just staring at the machine
with no facial expressions. She was only blinking and breathing. Renae wondered if Shanae was so scared that she was frozen stiff; after all, Shanae was closer to the machine than she was. Renae's thoughts were
interrupted by the dull light on the contraption blinking a dull green. David noticed the light, and calmly walked to the machine.

"Ready, Girls?" Cautioned David, as his calm nature deteriorated. His hand quivered as he pulled the lever down and turned the machine on.

The dashboard lit up and screens began to react to the twins alarmed thoughts. David quickly began to flick switches and interpret the screens. He then pressed the biggest button on the dashboard and sent a jolt of
electricity through each wire and into each twins brain. David began to turn around to check his daughters, just as he did so a screw from his machine burst off at alarming speed. The screw scraped his arm and
ricocheted off the walls until rolling to a stop on the floor. David quickly span around and surveyed his machine. David gasped in horror as he witnessed his machine beginning to emit smoke. The dashboard was glowing red
and the screens had blinking warning sounds, David's eyes began to widen as he tried to reverse the errors.

"No! No! No!" David began to plead with machine, banging his fists on the dashboard. The weight of David's fists was too much pressure for the machine, and the dashboard collapsed onto the floor.

Both twins were now very scared, as both were defenceless to the wrath of the machine. Screws and microchips were being regurgitated from the spluttering machine, some at dangerously high speeds. The room was now
full of smoke and loud clanking noises, the machine at the brink of exploding. A giant force erupted from inside the machine and it blew apart, sending giant plates of metal and small microchips into the air. A large plate of
metal flew at David, knocking him to the floor and sending him unconscious. Both twins were now twitching in fear, trying to release themselves from their chairs.

A second metal plate flew off the machine, this time hitting Shanae, knocking her chair to the floor, trapping her neck between the chair and the metal. Choking and spluttering for air, Shanae hopelessly struggled
against the heavy plate of metal. Then a third metal plate blasted off the machine, aimed at Renae. But with an unbelievable stroke of luck, the metal contacted one restraint on her chair, releasing her from her
chains. Her hands were bleeding, being cut by the scraps of metal and microchips from the exploding machine.

Renae shoved the metal plate off her legs and ran for the exit of the room. Shanae, amidst of her choking, twisted her head to see her sister leave her for dead. Shanae's pain was momentarily replaced with anger, Renae could have just turned around. Her twin sister would not even help her. Shanae's last thoughts of revenge transferred through the malfunctioning machine as she drew her last breath, her sister not looking back, the wires on her forehead yanked off as she escaped out the room. Renae left the room and ran, leaving her father and twin sister for dead.


...Yes, the next chapter is when out protagonists enter the storyline, please critique and tell me what you think.
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