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I know this is quite the dumb question, but does it have to be a certain length or longer to be considered a story/chapter?
Actually, you can post in threads that are over a month old if they're stickied. You won't get in trouble.

To answer your question, the only requirement for any sort of "length" to your story or chapter is just that it's complete. If you have chapters or stories on the short side, you can still post them. If they're finished. So if you told all that you needed to tell in that story or chapter, then you can post them.


Just as an explanation from the mod team about swearing:

If you have swearing in your story, you have two options:

1.) Keep everything uncensored, but have a warning beforehand that your story contains swearing.

2.) Censor part of the word, because a line of asterisks looks rather tacky

If you swear in your story, you won't get in trouble.

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