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    Added Brendan/Ruby's Design (above). It's a little more sloppy than May/Sapphire's; but it will do for now. If anyone here is an experienced spriter and would like to sprite the trainer sprites and overworld sprites for these guys let me know! I'm not that experienced in Pokemon styled Sprites just yet.

    I also just barely begun to map. I am currently mapping out Littleroot (where you will begin; before you transfer over to Pallet town).

    This title will include your Pokemon following behind you; just as they did in Heart Gold and Soul Silver. I am actually hoping to incorporate more features into this. Especially regarding the Shadow Pokemon.

    And now for some eye-candy! The first new Pokemon to be revealed is...


    Who's that Pokemon!

    Take a stab at who you think this guy is! Also, this design is subject to ( and most likely will) change.

    More to come guys!

    ~ Demo Release Coming soon ~
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