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The next chapter, ta-da!

Professor Layton VS Ace Attorney: Chapter Three - Illogical

The next day Layton, Flora and Luke were ready to continue their journey back to London. The three said a cheery goodbye to their newly made friends and gathered their luggage. They then explained the incident last night to the receptionist, who gasped.

"Oh my! Are you okay sweetie?" She asked Flora, who silently nodded. "I promise I will found out what happened. I have no idea how this could have happened, I don't even remember last night."

Flora thanked the lady for her concern, and the three exited the hotel. Layton held the door of the Laytonmobile open for Flora and climbed inside the car himself. After Luke slammed his door shut Layton put his key into the ignition and began to drive away from the hotel.

"Well, I'd say that wasn't the best choice of hotels. Are you sure you're not physically harmed, Flora?" Layton asked Flora, asking about her kidnapping.

"I'm fine, Professor," Flora said, with a slight shiver, "I just don't want to think about."

"Ah, I understand."

The rest of the trip back to London was silent, only the radio and the engine creating noise. Two days went past, and not a single mention of the hotel was given to Flora. Luke on the other hand, could not stop talking about it.

"Who do you think it was, Professor?"

"Whom is it I am trying to identify, Luke?"

"Flora's kidnapper, of course!"

"There isn't enough information for an accurate guess, but think back to the night."

"What exactly about it?"

"Well, there were a maximum of eight people in that hotel that night, us, Phoenix and his friends, the receptionist and the kidnapper."

"What if there were other guests?"

"I have made in insight into that. Only us, Phoenix, Maya and Pearl were occupying the hotel as guests."

"Were there other staff too?"

"The only person to run the motel was the woman at the registry; she, and only she manages the motel. Remember the night, Luke? There was an awful lot of noise, she would have investigated the source immediately. Owning the residence, she would have feared someone was vandalizing her property. We even passed through the Manager's room, not a soul was there."

"So it was her!"

"It's the only logical explanation."

"I don't believe it, Professor. It's so blatantly obvious now." The two pondered over the their conversation, being interrupted by a phone call.

"Hello? Yes, he is speaking," Layton answered, leaving the room. Luke then pondered over the Professor's words. It just didn't make sense.

Heavily talk-based, I'm afraid it may be a little short, so please comment if I there's a required length for writing.
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