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    There is no length requirement for chapters. They can be as short or as long as you feel they can be. So if a chapter feels complete to you and it's on the short side, then you can post it.

    My head's kind of clogged, so this review's going to be on the short side, btw.

    As a question, what's a general time line for how long it takes you to write each chapter? I ask because while it seems like you work on each chapter for a few days (between three to five for each posting), I'm wondering how much time you devote to editing the chapter. Since you write on WordPad, I'll assume you can save the chapter onto your computer. Then you should have the chance to read over your story and see a few errors, like:

    "Whom is it i am trying to identify, Luke?"
    This missed capitalized "I" here.

    The said a cheery goodbye to their newly made friends and gathered their luggage, even the female at the receptionist' desk also gave them a cheery goodbye.
    Or how the part about the receptionist said good-bye is its own sentence.

    It's just something I wondered, because I know that you could have caught these on your own, so just remember to take the time to edit your chapter before you post it/send it off to your beta reader.

    Other than that, there's not really a lot to say about this chapter. I do wish that there was more to Luke and Layton's conversation, but then again, there's not probably not really much more you can add to it. Though I am wondering how the rest of the story will go and how Phoenix and his crew will include themselves in the story again. (Phone call?)

    Maybe one thing you can do to lengthen the chapter a bit is show more of how they left the hotel. Instead of saying that Layton told the woman what happened, show the conversation. Write it out. That way, you can add more depth to the woman's character by how she reacts to what happened in her hotel. And if she doesn't seem bothered by it (as Layton points out later on in the chapter) have him comment on it to Phoenix and his crew before they all part ways.

    While I can understand that you would like to write about the important events that deal with the plot and move it along (like the conversation between Luke and Layton), it's also the small parts that add to your story's world and the characters. Don't be afraid of adding more to what happens in each chapter. Even if it seems uninteresting, it really might not be because it'll make your characters and world more real.

    Y'know, if you want more help, I'd be willing to give it. Almost like a beta reader. You can ask me whatever questions you have while writing, or even send me the chapters to look over before you post. I'd be happy to help you, if you want.

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